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I and the other half are invited to a birthday celebration of a dear friend in Phuket, Thailand, and on the way we have a stop in Bangkok where we stay in this gorgeous hotel.

The hotel is clean with modern interior and most importantly has very friendly and attentive staff. What is more, there are many programs daily to keep the guests occupied as if Bangkok had nothing to keep us busy. Some interesting things to do at the hotel: Sun Salutation in the morning if you could wake up early to be there at 7AM and Cin Cin, my favorite one, a cocktail time from 5 to 6PM. I remember signing up for a Traditional Mask Painting, also happens (or supposed to happen) at 5PM, unfortunately there was no body in the Living Room, place where they host some of the events. I guess people prefer a free cocktail during Cin Cin time.

The free shuttle boat to take guests to Icon Siam and Saphan Taksin BTS station is really appreciated! It saves so much time on the boat than traveling on the road.

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