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For those who are constantly looking for new things to try, get yourself a guide in a city that you visit! I have always wanted to cook authentic Thai Food; however, it is not easy to follow recipes online. Through Get Your Guide, I booked this cooking course at Blue Elephant and amazingly it was easy to follow.

We were welcomed with Lemongrass Juice and then received a fancy Blue Elephant apron and a folder of recipes that we will use and list of Thai spices and herbs with their pictures.

The teacher is a Thai and he explained everything so well. I am so proud and well pleased with the whole experience, from following the recipes and instructions, pounding all the spices and herbs using the mortar, cooking and frying, to the final products: delicious Thai foods.

After the class, we received the certificate, a tote bag, and a cooking paste from Blue Elephant.

Everyday, they change the food that they will cook in the class, so make sure you check with them if you want to learn a specific dish.

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