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Summertime, swimwear time

Summer is here, which means the weather is getting warmer… and consequently the water is warmer too. For those in Europe who are lucky enough to have clean rivers and lakes, there is no better time than now to wear your favorite swimwear. For everyone else, the swimming pool would do it!

It is embarrassing to admit that my swimwear had been stored in the drawer since last summer and only now it takes fresh breath when I am on holiday. I used to swim regularly all seasons; however, life becomes complicated. Adult life becomes complicated. Work gets in the way and suddenly life is transformed into all work no play.

Anyway, this is my favorite swimwear. It hold everything nicely; not too tight, not too loose. The only thing I do not like is the string on the waist, which supposed to secure the swimwear on the… you guessed it right… waist. I took it away and… yes, again you’re right… now it does not hold the swimwear securely anymore. I would not jump into the pool wearing this, but hey it does a good job when you just want to chill on the pool, getting some tan.

Anyway, lesson learnt. I bought another one and kept the string on it. If you were looking for a new swimwear, check it out: Charlie by Matthew Zink.

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