It might sound crazy but I think bread and my body do not get along well. I notice that every time I eat bread, my skin will be itchy and my stomach swollen. Ha! Of course the stomach would be swollen, no matter what one eats. But the itchiness is a concern still.

I try not to eat as many bread as I want but once awhile if I was dining out, and there was Sourdough bread, I would not say no. It is so good and because it is not easy to bake at home (well, it takes so much effort to bake one), I would eat it when given a chance!

Keri Wiginton thinks the Sourdough bread is ok for some with gluten-intolerant people and I believe her. I still need to learn to bake it and I will. Meanwhile, when I want the Sourdough bread, I get them at in Basel.

I found this little bread shop when I searched for Sourdough bread on Google Maps. As it is located 2 Tram Stops away from where I work, I went there during my lunch break and was amazed when the lady behind the counter answered my question “do you have sourdough bread?” with “we only have Sourdough bread”. Wonderful!

As soon as I was home, I could not help but slicing the bread and had it with shredded meat and sambal. Nothing else matters.

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