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Kue Keju: Chocolate cheesecake with chocolate ganache and Swiss alpine flowers

Kue Keju

Last year, I left my job as I needed time to think clearly of what I wanted to do with my life, with hope that I could use much more of the things I learnt in school. As a recent executive master graduate of Art Market Studies from University of Zurich, I thought to myself that I should do something in the art industry, working in a gallery – or perhaps opening up an off space. It turned out, searching for the job during Corona time was not easy, just like searching for a space in Zurich. While still searching, I set up a sole proprietorship company and an online store, and do what I like to do: baking! I grew up with my grandma, who was a baker, baking is something in my DNA. And given that I have not found a good cheesecake in Zurich, I should be kind enough to offer the people in this city what they do not know they miss in their life: a soft, moist, and delicious cheesecake. Since then I bake cheesecakes and sell them at

I have not found a space but I got a job few months later in a museum in Basel. The merit of learning managerial accounting and business administration became apparent. Anyway, as I am now back to working full time, it is a little bit too much to manage the cheesecake business. Nonetheless, every now and then, I take the order and commit to give the locals a rich and heavenly cheesecake.

Last night I was up until 3AM to finish baking a chocolate cheesecake and then in the morning preparing the chocolate ganache to top the cheesecake so it has enough time to chill before deliver it in the evening. Although it took so much time, it was fun to be in the kitchen and whip things up.

Here is my recipe if you would like to try baking it at home. I use 18cm diameter form.

Chocolate cheesecake with chocolate ganache and Swiss alpine flowers

For the base of the cheesecake:

Crush 150gr Ovomaltine biscuit and mix well with 20g butter which has been melted. Press down on the form to make a solid base.

For the middle part:

Warm 350ml full cream and mix with 30gr chocolate powder. Mix 400ml Philadelphia cream cheese with 150gr sugar until well combined, add 4 eggs and chocolate mixture into the cream cheese and mix well. Pour into the form and bake at 120ºC for an hour and then reduced to 100ºC and bake for another hour in a water bath. Turn off the the oven and let it cool down in the oven.

For the top:

A simple ganache. Warm 75ml full cream and mix with 25gr chocolate and 25gr sugar until thick. Pour over the cheesecake once it is cool. Add Swiss alpine flowers to decorate the cheesecake.

If it sounds too complicated, just order one here.

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